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Devon Roofing service understands that your property is more than just bricks and mortar, and that you require the very best service when Installing or repairing a roof. We offer roofing solutions to an excellent standard and guarantee your satisfaction.

We offer some of the most competitive rates in the area and we’re confident that we’ll be able to provide a high quality, timely service at a price you can’t beat.

We specialise in all types of roofing in Devon, including new builds and Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings.


Mortar deterioration

The motor in the brickwork will begin to flake and crumble over time. Don’t hesitate to contact us about any issue related to this.

Timber work

Timber will deteriorate over time and may become rotten, especially if there is damp within the property. Send us the information and we can give you a quick and accurate quote.

Water Damage and leakage

Damp and water penetration throughout the property is a common problem with a quick, affordable, and long-lasting solution. We are able to find and repair any water leaks or damp within a property.

Leadwork on a property

Over time the leadwork on a property will begin to become distorted and split. Get a quote for a solution today.


We can repair, replace and maintain any slate, tile, or rubber roof that is damaged. We can also install a new roof. Get a quote on how much you should expect to spend on your project. 


for any other project, we are always on hand to help. Please fill out one of the forms on our website and leave as much information as possible for the most accurate quote.  We will get back to you quickly.

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